Founded by Galia Linn in 2016, Blue Roof Studios is a new multidisciplinary art hub inside a former church in South Central Los Angeles.

Blue Roof is home to 10 artists’ studios, a communal kitchen and multi-purpose workshop space. By providing artists with affordable, flexible studios and public exhibition space, Linn seeks to expand the number of artistic opportunities for LA-based creative practitioners.

Blue Roof is committed to supporting community initiatives and fostering a meaningful dialogue in a non-traditional cultural venue by hosting free events and exhibitions that explore such issues as access, diversity, and artists’ roles within the broader ecology of the city.



Blue Roof seeks to expand and develop artistic opportunities with and for LA-based creative practitioners. We are committed to supporting community initiatives and cultivating an environment of reflective and meaningful dialogue around issues of access, diversity and artists' roles within the broader ecology of our city.

Blue Roof Studios busca expandir y desarrollar oportunidades artísticas con y para los profesionales creativos basados en Los Angeles. Nos comprometemos a apoyar iniciativas comunitarias y cultivar un ambiente de diálogo importante y pensativo sobre cuestiones de acceso, diversidad y roles de artistas dentro de la ecología más amplia de nuestra ciudad.