Leonardo Bravo and Big City Forum

Presented “Radiant”, an exhibition that celebrated the Summer Solstice, how we honor the light, our connection to the earth, the sun, and to each other. Through the various methods, approaches, strategies, and sensibilities embodied in each artists’ works, they spoke to the ways in which the arts can deeply connect to the context in which it is created, stimulating ideas, reflection, and meaning-making. The artists in the exhibition functioned as our conscience, our innovators, our healers, our chance takers and activists reminding us of the transformative power of the arts. In both direct and oblique ways their works presented the emergence of potentiality, of new forms, of a space in which the individual and the collective have the power to nurture and sustain putting new imaginaries into the world. The exhibition was organized in conjunction with the Blue Roof Studios Arts Festival which highlighted the richness and diversity of arts in South Los Angeles and their commitment to foster and amplify creativity, connection, and inclusion within this community of Los Angeles. 

Participating Artists:

Sharon Barnes, Spencer Carmona, Enrique Castrejon, Claire Colette, Sam Comen, Yasmine Diaz, Sid M. Dueñas, Rachel Duvall, Catherine Fairbanks, Helen Rebekah Garber, Daniel Gibson, Rhiannon Griego, Rema Ghuloum, Maria Guzman Capron, Lorenzo Hurtado Segovia,, Thomas Linder, Jacob Melchi, Stephen Neidich, Devon Oder, Chinwe Okona, Ruby Osorio, Lydia Maria Pfeffer, Hannah Plotke , Debra Scacco, Jessica Simmons, Mariangeles Soto-Diaz, Cammie Staros, Christine Wang, and Iris Yirei Hu.

Curatorial Hub is an online gallery featuring affordable and diverse work by well-known and emerging artists from Los Angeles and beyond.

The concept for Curatorial Hub was created by artist Bettina Hubby who generously devotes part of her practice to collaboration and connection, both of which are central to this new initiative. Hubby’s collaborator, Saskia Wilson-Brown, is the founder of The Institute of Art and Olfaction, a non-profit devoted to experimentation and access in perfumery and experimental scent. Teaming up, they form a partnership in this new arts-venture that draws on their combined strengths of curating, collaborating and poetic outreach.

“I felt there was a need for more exposure and financial opportunities for the talented artists I know and an online space like Curatorial Hub aims to offer both,” said Hubby.  “With all the works under $1,000, it is also a way for new or seasoned collectors to buy with low risk and most important it's a great way to share this wonderful work.”wilson-Brown commented that, “Democratizing access to creative output benefits everyone. Curatorial Hub offers a clean and simple way to get works out into the world while giving artists an opportunity outside of the traditional gallery setting to create supplemental income between exhibitions and projects.”

Participating Artists:

Bob Dornberger, Margaret Griffith, Pat Pickett, Senon Williams, Miles Regis, Sonja Gerdes, Leo Bravo, Randi Malkin Steinberger, Rachel Roske, Nicola Vruwink, Jamison Carter, Ashton Allen, Asuka Hisa, Helen Chung, Bettina Hubby

Shoebox PR is a Marketing Support network of artists, for artists creating community and building bridges in the art world. 

Shoebox PR was created in February 2014 when founder, Kristine Schomaker started working with a friend who needed help getting press for an exhibition. Working at the time as social media, marketing and advertising manager for the Brewery Artwalk Association and an artist herself, Kristine has been using social media and press to gain exposure for her own art and that of the artists she supports at the Brewery. Kristine presented a group exhibition of work from her Shoebox Artist Network.

Participating Artists:

Cathy Immordino, Chelsea Boxwell, Chung-Ping Cheng, Dani Dodge, Debbie Korbel, Erika Lizée, John Waiblinger, Karen Hochman Brown, Kristine Schomaker, Larry Caveney, Lauren Mendelsohn-Bass, Linda Sue Price, Pam Douglas, Randi Matushevitz, Scott Froschauer, Sheli Silverio, Steve Seleska, Susan Amorde

Blue Roof Studios resident artists Diana Sanchez, Terri Klass, Jacqueline Palafox and Beverly Morrison will open their studios.  

Guest artists Corazon Del Sol, Marguerite Drexel and Linda Franke will collaborate on an installation for the festival.