Between What We See and What We Say

Conceived and produced in collaboration between Amanda Maciel Antunes and Galia Linn, Between What We See and What We Say is a multidisciplinary installation and performance series that reclaims the female body as a vessel of experiences, the conflation of time and space, and the process of personal excavation. A configuration of diverse elements will activate the space as a sacred, though non-religious, site of reflection. The project’s host venue of Blue Roof Studios—a formerly abandoned Pentecostal Church in South Central LA—will heighten this sense of (dis)orientation of a sanctuary.

This multi-generational, multi-ethnic, multi-lingual artist duo examine the forms that their work can take in a shared space in the process of producing art. The result is a collaborative composition that transforms the space, in which the female fully unwinds through the course of time, into a highly personal visual language through the use of sound, light, contact and archetypal spiritual imagery, adopting objects to symbolize the feminine psyche, beauty, and psychological pain.

The installation will also include rough and soft textural elements such as soil, clay, and water that replicate a female’s nuanced trajectory and serve as the stepping grounds that lead you inside the sanctuary. The performance serves as an imperfect magnetic retentiveness to the fluidity of her body in the space. In these moments, the artist is not recognizable to all as “the performer” as she is inside one of the vessels. This invisibility is shattered in the moments when she appears around the room, as variations of seeing and inviting herself to be seen. Consequently, we are able to see a subversion of an allegorical representation of the female, and desires become a decision, through a ritual constructed by her. The audience is invited to walk through the installation, eventually knowing the female leads them to the center of the maze, and they become active participants in her totality. Between What We See and What We Say reflects Antunes and Linn’s shared interest in creating spaces that serve as catalysts for remembering and reclaiming lost knowledge and experience—and bring forward the possibility of inhabiting one’s past, present, and future.