The first ever Blue Roof Studios Arts Festival highlighted the richness and diversity of the arts in South Los Angeles and beyond. As a culmination of various events and collaborations, the festival reflected our commitment to foster and amplify creativity, connection, and inclusion within the community.

Free and open to the public, the day offered an array of activities and curated art experiences which had participants wander the studios and stay with us for the entirety of the day. In total, the arts festival had 117 artists and creative workers who exhibited and participated in the day’s events and we are happy to share that we surpassed the number of anticipated attendees (450+). With the successful layout of the festival, in partnership with our supporters and collaborators, we created a variety of environments to explore, which facilitated a sense of discovery for attendees and encouraged deeper engagement with art and with others.

Notable quote from our attendees:

"Totally unexpected"

"It was awesome. I loved seeing all the art, vendors, and food. It was lively and an all-around good time. More of these types of events are needed in our neighborhood. Thank you guys"!

"Beautiful well thought-out little gem in the hood!"

"It was a great event. Growing up in South LA I was never really exposed to art in school. Now 23 years old, this was my first art event. Definitely will be back!"

Sponsors and Donors:

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